FCI Agility World Championship 2019

Turku, Finland

19. - 22. 9. 2019 | Gatorade Center, Artukaistentie 8, 20210 Turku

About AWC 2019


Date: 19. - 22. 9. 2019
Location: Turku, Finland
Address: Gatorade Center, Artukaistentie 8, 20210 Turku


Individual competition


1. Tobias Wüst & Dörte

2. Marta Miil & Jay

3. Orand Julien & Maybe



1. Silas Boogk & Beam

2. Anne Karlsson & Bonnie

3. Tamara Sedlmaier & You



1. Stanislav Kurochkin & Zippi

2. Peter Mike & Limit

3. Gianluca Schingaro & Ex

Team competition


1. Germany
Tobias Wüst & Dörte
Jule Ullrich & Lee
Lizandra Ströhle & Lou
Saskia Laudenberg & Pepper

2. Russia
Ekaterina Sapriko & Rika
Maria Metelkova & Figaro
Anna Ivanova & Flip
Marina Zavoloka & Rio

3. Czech Republic
Markéta Zavadilová & Ria
Denisa Lajmarová & Rally
Lucie Krauskopfová & Kessy
Eva Lačňáková & Chiqi



1. Germany
Bozena Schröder & Puck
Stephanie Schlühr & Lif
Karin Hellriegel & Gimmick
Silas Boogk & Beam

2. Czech Republic
Aneta Obrusníková & Ollie
Kateřina Malačková & Izzy
Jitka Hrdinová & Nany
Martina Magnoli Klimešová & Kiki

3. France
Renaud Mickael & TA
Bargoin Cedric & Idwall
Maitre Benjamin & Nakhal
Desmery Maelle & Iummy



1. Spain
Oriol Buch Bautista & Sansa
Iban Cubedo Alcazar & Selene
Oscar Muñiz Martinez & Crak
Jonatan Guillem Rodriguez & Tri

2. Germany
Mona Grefenstein & Qju
Anne Lenz & Itzi Bitzi
Christiane Fischbach & Jive
Nadine Hartlieb & Anakin

3. Great Britain
Dan Shaw & Geek
Dave Munnings & Fame
Naarah Cuddy & Lemon
Natasha Wise & Pebbles

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"Simon the Husky"

It won't happen every day that you meet husky in agility. And what about meeting him at the World Championship? Look, this is Simon - Siberian Husky from the South Africa. And he's doing well!

Independence is the key?

The new world champion in large category is Stanislav Kurochkin and Zippy from Russia. His handling is a little bit unusual. You have to see..

Germany takes it (almost) all

Do you know this joke? "Agility is a sport where teams from around the world compete for 4 days and then Germany wins." Well, that's reality. Germany gets 4 gold medals out of six possible (plus one silver). One run of many - Silas Boogk and Beam, who helped Germany to win the gold medal in medium teams. Well, and on Sunday he won the gold medal in individuals as well...

Farewell to Martina and Kiki

This is maybe not a clean or the fastest run, but it’s definitely one of the most emotive moment at AWC 2019. Last run for the legend - Martina Magnoli Klimešová and Kiki. Martina and Kiki are competing for ten years, Kiki is already 11 and half years old.

They are one of the most successful team in agility history. They are last year’s world champions and also takes silver medal in teams here in Turku. Totally they get 8 medals from World Championships including 5 golds.

With this competition they said goodbye to the world-class agility. We would like to thank you Martina and Kiki and wish you all the best with other dogs and also in your personal life.


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